Branches and decorations

Today there are so many people looking for ideas and solutions that allow to beautify and enrich every home ambience, and the natural decorations are the first choice for most of them. Since 1967 we have attended to realize handcrafted trunks and decorative branches, perfect to allow each one to enhance to the utmost every corner of the house and any surface that is too empty or barren. It is a type of natural furniture very refined and made with materials available in nature, which allow to create furniture and solutions really elegant, without having to use plastics or toxic materials of any kind.

The products we offer to our customers are therefore made with elements absolutely natural and skilfully worked, to guarantee resistance and ample possibility of use so as to allow each one to give life to beautiful objects and furnishing accessories, according to their tastes and personal needs. Thanks to the natural elements of decoration that we realize, every environment (whether domestic or working) and each event, such as weddings, will immediately become a much more welcoming and relaxing space, perfect for those who prefer a more rustic style and love to live a daily relationship with nature and wonders that is able to give us.

Many studies have also confirmed the existence of a  close connection existing between nature and wellbeing, felt by those who live surrounded by nature, revealing that people who live near green spaces or close to nature suffer much less from problems, such as stress and depression: one more reason to try our products and the quality of our artisanal production.

The quality of the ornamental trunks, branches and decorations that we offer, combined with our great experience in this field, make our company is considered in all respects one of the most prosperous realities of this field, in the entire national scene. The passion and dedication that we use in daily production and processing operations of the raw material, in fact, they allow us to give life not only to excellent trunks and decorative branches, but also to a whole series of original elements, much sought-after, such as dried flowers, starfish, Christmas decorations and foliage. The products we propose offer value for money  and thanks to the wide range of articles that we realize, it will be very easy  to meet any type of requirements and needs of our customers.


The wide range of our goods is able to meet any type of request regarding metarials and colours


Our flagship is the colouring made on request, which allows to obtain colors always vivid, which guarantee a long life over time


Every product, natural and dried, thanks to different coloring techniques, becomes an element always in step with market trends

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