Stabilized Leaves and Moss

The types of natural decorations that can be realized using stabilized foliage and moss is almost endless: from the candle-sticks to the garlands, from the decoupage works to the bouquet of flowers made with the typical autumn leaves, to enrich objects and furnishing accessories, making them unique and original. And still artificial plants made with stabilized moss, but also vegetal walls of all shapes and types, paintings, frames and decorative objects at your leisure, without setting any kind of limit to your imagination.

The foliage that we work and propose is perfect to allow anyone to decorate at best any object or furnishing complement and to beautify what you want, whether it be a corner of the house, a shelf or a wall. Within our wide range of products designed specifically for the decoration and beautification of any type of environment, there is also the stabilized moss. It is moss that does not need any kind of care or maintenance and is increasingly widespread not only within civil homes but also in offices and commercial activities of all kinds. We are therefore talking about normal moss that is undergoing  transformation (so-called "stabilization"), which allows to replace the sap with a conservation substance (composed of water and natural glycerine) which is 100% biodegradable.

The stabilized moss can be used to decorate vertical walls, but also shelves, paintings and creations of any kind. It lends itself very well to a type of internal but also external use. The stabilized moss that we propose does not require any maintenance and does not need to be watered. It also does not fear the heat or cold and does not need to be reached by the sunlight (can be placed even inside dark environments or where there is only artificial lighting), and this makes it even more an indispensable element, considering that not everyone would have time to look after the greenery at home or in office. You can customize the moss according to your needs, both in terms of size and color and shape, and it is easy to install on any type of surface, even vertical. What not everyone knows about the stabilized moss, finally, is that this is particularly sought after also because of its capacity to absorb the humidity and the sound energy, where installed.

The foliage and the stabilized moss that we propose are therefore perfect to satisfy the need of personalization and valorization of the spaces of everyone, allowing to obtain the maximum of elegance and refinement, solutions always refined and elegant, handcrafted to guarantee the highest quality and durability, thanks to the processing techniques, perfected over time and today able to ensure excellent results in every respect. The great experience gained during the years in this field  allows us to boast a production that does not fear comparisons in terms of quality of the final product, thanks to processing techniques extremely effective and pioneering, which allow us to obtain high profile results.



The wide range of our goods is able to meet any type of request regarding metarials and colours


Our flagship is the colouring made on request, which allows to obtain colors always vivid, which guarantee a long life over time


Every product, natural and dried, thanks to different coloring techniques, becomes an element always in step with market trends

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