Dried Flowers

The dried flowers allow you to create beautiful compositions able to enrich and beautify every home ambience. Thanks to their colors, sometimes delicate and sometimes more pronounced, you can unleash the imagination and give life to your own creations for making that touch of style and personalization that most represents the lifestyle and tastes of each.

Each floral arrangement, in fact, is able to "tell"  those who observe the way of being and the personality of those who made it. Making these small embellishments and looking after every corner of the house is  the desire of all those who wish to live in an ambience that is as beautiful and welcoming as possible, and an arrangement of well-crafted dried flowers is ideal to enhance, in the best possible way, small and large "empty" spaces that need an original and creative idea. This is why today there are so many users interested in dried flowers and related products: it is a market always alive and in which are more than ever indispensable the quality of raw material and its workmanship.

Our dried flowers represent all the quality and excellence of Italian artisan production: since 1967 the flowers we have offered are cultivated, dried and coloured with great care and passion, to guarantee always an excellent product to the customers. The techniques of drying and coloring used are the most effective, able to guarantee the best results for a final product always impeccable, destined to last over time maintaining unchanged elegance and colors. These are, doubtless, the most delicate phases, those that will determine the quality of the product, and it is precisely what happens during this phase to ensure that our products are considered among the best ever.

The wide range of our articles is therefore able to satisfy every type of request regarding materials and colours, and it is the result of a continuous search for solutions that allow to respond perfectly to those that are the new trends of the moment, always guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability at a competitive price.

Precisely the convenient prices and the high quality standards of the production put our company among the most important realities in the import/export of this field, which is a reason of great pride and encourages us to improve every day to reach ever new milestones: our dried flowers, with the beautiful vivid colors that we propose, allow to create creations of all kinds: from bags with dried flowers to the bases for elegant candles, from the centerpieces to the compositions to hang on the wall. The opportunities to allow yourself to  be guided by your imagination are certainly not lacking, and our products are ideal  to realize the most suitable arrangement, perfect for the context in which you live.               



The wide range of our goods is able to meet any type of request regarding metarials and colours


Our flagship is the colouring made on request, which allows to obtain colors always vivid, which guarantee a long life over time


Every product, natural and dried, thanks to different coloring techniques, becomes an element always in step with market trends

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